you see see you是什么梗?

you see see you是什么梗?
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在网络上经常会出现一种搞笑的中文式英语,它们不是正确的英语,而中文含义仅仅是按照一个单词一个单词来翻译的,该梗就是其中之一:you see see you(你看看你)。       “you see see you”的完整段子为:you see see you one day day(你看看你一天天),just only eat eat eat(只知道吃吃吃),you see see you fat(你看看你胖的)。   类似的搞笑英语翻译段子:   1、seven up eight down 七上八下   2、no care three seven two ten one 不管三七二十一   3、You Give Me Stop!你给我站住!       4、good good study,day day up!好好学习,天天向上!   5、You don’t bird me, I don’t bird you.你不鸟我,我也不鸟你。   6、You ask me,I ask who?你问我,我去问谁?   7、love who who 爱谁谁       8、One day is your teacher, day day is your father.一日为师终身为父。   9、Know is know ,no know is no know,is know 也. 知之为知之,不知为不知,是知也   10、Hello everybody! if you have something to say, then say! if you have nothing to say, go home! 有事起奏,无事退朝       11、morning three night four 朝三暮四   12、WATCH SISTER 表妹   13、how are you ? how old are you?怎么是你,怎么老是你? (责任编辑:柳叶青)